Author: Arlychev, M.
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THPWA033 Material Discrimination Technology for Cargo Inspection with Pulse-to-pulse Linear Electron Accelerator 3699
  • S. Ogorodnikov, R. Apevalov, M. Arlychev, I. Polevchenko, A. Rodionov, I.E. Shevelev
    Scantronic Systems, St. Petersburg, Russia
  In the present article a complex of technological solutions based on 6/3.5 MeV pulse-to-pulse linear accelerator, detectors made of CWO scintillators coupled with PIN photodiodes and image processing algorithms proposed. Energies, dose rate and other parameters of accelerator were optimized to reach high performance of the x-ray system and to carry out robust and reliable material discrimination in the mass thickness range up to 120 g/cm2 at least. Evaluation of effective atomic number of materials of main three groups (organics, mineral/light metals, metals) was fulfilled with preciseness ±1 for the optimal mass thickness range at the scanning speed 60 cm/s. Instrument for evaluation of physical mass of the separate objects on the image is proposed and realized.