Author: Widorski, M.
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MOPPD059 Proposal of a Dummy Septum to Mitigate Ring Irradiation for the CERN PS Multi-Turn Extraction 499
  • M. Giovannozzi, H. Bartosik, D. Bodart, J. Borburgh, R.J. Brown, S. Damjanovic, S.S. Gilardoni, B. Goddard, C. Hernalsteens, M. Hourican, M. Widorski
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  High activation of the magnetic extraction septum of the CERN PS machine was observed due to the losses of the continuous beam extracted via the Multi-Turn Extraction (MTE) method. The resulting activation is however incompatible with safe operation so a mitigation measure was required and found, namely the installation of a passive dummy septum to protect the actual one seems to provide the required reduction in activation in the extraction area. The shielded dummy septum is intended to absorb particles during the rise time of the MTE extraction kickers, avoiding the beam impact on the blade of the active magnetic extraction septum. The principle of the proposed modifications of the PS layout will be presented together with the studies aimed at finalising the new configuration.