Author: Wen, W.S.
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THPPD066 High Precision Programmable of TPS Quadrupole Magnet Power Supply 3662
  • Y.S. Wong, J.C. Huang, K.-B. Liu, W.S. Wen
    NSRRC, Hsinchu, Taiwan
  In 1993, the first of Taiwan light source was held on October 16. First beam stored in the storage ring and facility at synchrotron radiation research centre (SRRC) was opened to users and the full energy injection to 1.5Gev after seven years. In 2007, the president of Executive Yuan Taiwan had been announcement to set up a third-generation synchrotron radiation. Taiwan Photon Source (TPS) project total budget of NT6, 885 million from 2007~ 2013. TPS project will improve technical capability to build to3.3Gev electron energy. Totally had been installed 1032sets of magnet power supplies for the storage ring and 152 sets for the injector. In the future, Taiwan photon source set up complete and operation, it will offer one of the world's brightest synchrotron x-ray sources.