Author: Wei, Y.
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WEPPR058 The Vertical Impedance Distribution Measurement Using Response Matrix Method at BEPCII BPR 3057
  • Y. Wei, D. Ji
    IHEP, Beijing, People's Republic of China
  Funding: Work supported by the Chinese National Foundation of Natural Sciences, contract 111100512108.
In the last run of BEPCII, the single bunch current is limited to about 8mA by the beam-beam effect. To obtain the design luminosity, larger number of bunches are necessary. But higher total current may be limited by the collective effects. A good understanding of the transverse impedance distribution around the BEPCII storage ring is required. Response matrix method has been applied successfully in BEPCII to fit the quadrupole errors and restore the optics. We can also calculate the variation of betatron phase advance around the ring with different single bunch current using the response matrix method and the transverse impedance distribution is thus deduced. In this paper, the first measurement of transverse impedance in BEPCII is presented.