Author: Vorobev, V.V.
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TUPPR067 Electromagnetic Field of Charged Particle Bunch Moving in Wire Metamaterial 1975
  • V.V. Vorobev, A.V. Tyukhtin
    Saint-Petersburg State University, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
  Funding: Saint Petersburg State University
We consider the field of bunch flying through a "wire metamaterial". Analytical and computational investigations are carried out. In the case of motion perpendicularly to the wires it is shown that the radiation concentrates in a small vicinity of the determined lines behind the bunch and the Pointing vector is directed along the wires. This phenomenon can be useful for charged bunch examination. Some calculations show that the measurements of electrical field intensity and energy flow density allow determining the length of the bunch and its velocity. The case of bunch moving along the wires is also examined. It is shown that the radiation can be generated only for the wires possessing non-conducting coating. The radiation is directed at a sharp angle to the wires.