Author: Varnasseri, S.
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MOPPR041 Design and Measurements of the Stripline BPM System of the ESS-BILBAO 870
  • D. Belver, J. Feuchtwanger, N. Garmendia, P.J. González, L. Muguira, S. Varnasseri
    ESS Bilbao, LEIOA, Spain
  • F.J. Bermejo
    Bilbao, Faculty of Science and Technology, Bilbao, Spain
  • V. Etxebarria, J. Jugo, J. Portilla
    University of the Basque Country, Faculty of Science and Technology, Bilbao, Spain
  A new design for the Beam Position Monitors (BPMs) diagnostics of ESS-Bilbao, consisting of a whole block of stripline sensors, has been designed and manufactured. The design is based on travelling wave principles to detect the position of the beam in the vacuum chamber. The length of the stripline is 200 mm and the coverage angle is 0.952 rad. The position of the internal tube simulating the beam can be changed with respect to the outer tube within a range of 20 mm approximately for both X and Y axis, with a resolution less than 10 μm. The characteristics of the block with and without beam are measured and evaluated at frequencies of 175 and 352 MHz, using the electronics system developed for the BPM capacitive pick-ups. This electronics system is divided in an Analog Front-End (AFE) unit, where the signals are conditioned and converted to baseband, and a Digital Unit (DU) to sample them and calculate the position and phase of the beam. In this contribution, the performed tests will be fully described and the results also discussed.