Author: Ueno, T.
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THPPD051 New Power Supply of the Injection Bump Magnet for Upgrading the Injection Energy in the J-PARC 3-GeV RCS 3626
  • T. Takayanagi, N. Hayashi, M. Kinsho, N. Tani, T. Togashi, T. Ueno
    JAEA/J-PARC, Tokai-Mura, Naka-Gun, Ibaraki-Ken, Japan
  With the energy upgrading of LINAC (Linear accelerator) to 400 MeV in the J-PARC (Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex), a new power supply of the injection bump magnet has been designed for the 3-GeV RCS (Rapid Cycling Synchrotron). The new power supply is composed with the capacitor bank which has function to form the output current pattern. This power supply is a commutation strategy using the electrical charge and discharge of the capacitor, and the frequency of the switch that becomes the source of the noise is a little. Comparing to the conventional switching-type power supply, this power supply is switched only twice for the pattern formation. Thus, the ripple due to the switching can be expected to be much lower. The 1/16 scale model was manufactured and the characteristics was evaluated. This paper summarizes the design parameter and the experimental result of the new power supply.