Author: Tseng, F.H.
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TUPPP025 Resurrection of RESOLVE at NSRRC Prepared for the First Turn Beam Steering of the TPS Commissioning 1665
  • H.-P. Chang, H.H. Chen, P.C. Chiu, P.J. Chou, K.T. Hsu, S.J. Huang, Y.-C. Liu, F.H. Tseng
    NSRRC, Hsinchu, Taiwan
  MATLAB based high level application software prepared for the 3GeV Taiwan Photon Source has been built and tested on the 1.5GeV Taiwan Light Source continuously. The RESOLVE program is surveyed and resurrected at NSRRC to support and help the first turn beam steering in the coming commissioning of the TPS accelerator complex. Due to the RESOLVE’s history, it contributed a lot in the past commissioning of SLC at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, we believe it may give help although most of the first turn beam steering of current light source machines may pass smoothly with well machine construction. In order to make the revised RESOLVE working, not only the compiling problem but also some memory bugs have been fixed, the updated RESOLVE now can be run on PC/Linux and Mac/OSX computer systems. We are trying to apply and test it on the TLS SR with the turn-by-turn digital BPM system. Some exercises of the error finding in beam steering of the off-axis injection beam are performed for presentation.