Author: Tosin, G.
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MOPPC053 Modeling of Bending Magnets for SIRIUS 250
  • X.R. Resende, R. Basílio, L. Liu, P.P. Sanchez, G. Tosin
    LNLS, Campinas, Brazil
  The new Brazilian synchrotron source, Sirius, will be a 3 GeV storage ring with a triple bend lattice with a minimum emittance of 1.7 nm rad. The ring dipoles are excited with permanent magnets. The middle bend has a small 1.4 degree slice in its center with 1.94 T field and serve as an additional hard X-ray source with critical energy of 11.6 keV. Other bending magnets have low 0.50 T field with gradients, allowing for a further emittance reduction. The bending slice shows a longitudinal profile with no uniform field plateau and with long-range fringe fields which are coupled with the fields of neighbouring dipoles. To take into account the interaction of the field-intersecting dipoles, realistic 3D models of the magnets have been created and their field configuration solved using finite element techniques. Field maps calculated from the 3D magnet models were used for the construction of segmented models of bend elements in beam dynamics codes.