Author: Thiry, J.-P.
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MOPPR009 Dynamic Closed Orbit Correction During the Fast Energy Ramp of ELSA 789
  • J.-P. Thiry, A. Balling, A. Dieckmann, F. Frommberger, W. Hillert
    ELSA, Bonn, Germany
  ELSA is a fast ramping stretcher ring supplying polarized electrons to hadron physics experiments. To preserve the degreee of polarization, it is necessary to continuously correct the vertical orbit when accelerating the beam from 1.2 GeV to 2.4 GeV. Acceleration is performed within 300 ms, thus with a ramping speed of 4 GeV/s. During the acceleration, beam positions are measured at a rate of 1 kHz using 32 beam position monitors, which are mounted close to the quadrupole magnets. The demanding task is to achieve a vertical rms deviation not exceeding 50 μm all along the fast energy ramp. Therefore, dynamic orbit corrections are applied by means of offline feed-forward techniques, driving 32 vertical steerer magnets which can change currents in less than 10 ms. In our contribution, we show the used concepts and the implementation of the precise closed orbit correction system at ELSA.