Author: Syratchev, I.
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TUPPR019 High Power Operation with Beam of a CLIC PETS Equipped with ON/OFF Mechanism 1852
  • I. Syratchev, R. Corsini, A. Dubrovskiy, P. Skowroński
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  • R.J.M.Y. Ruber
    Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden
  One of the feasibility issues of the CLIC two-beam scheme is the possibility of rapidly switching off the RF power production in individual Power Extraction and Transfer Structures (PETS) in case of breakdowns, either in the PETS or one of the main beam accelerating structures. The proposed solution is to use a variable external reflector connected to the PETS. When activated, this scheme allows us to manipulate gradually the RF power transfer to the accelerating structure and to reduce the RF power production in the PETS itself by a factor of 4. Recently the first operation of the Two Beam Test Stand (TBTS) PETS equipped with an on-off mechanism has been performed in CTF3. In this paper we will present the results of the PETS operation when powered by the drive beam up to high peak power levels (>100 MW) and compare them to expectations.  
THPPC060 Commissioning of the First Klystron-based X-band Power Source at CERN 3428
  • J.W. Kovermann, N. Catalan-Lasheras, S. Curt, S. Döbert, G. McMonagle, S.F. Rey, G. Riddone, K.M. Schirm, I. Syratchev, L. Timeo
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  • J.P. Eichner, A.A. Haase, D.W. Sprehn
    SLAC, Menlo Park, California, USA
  • A. Hamdi, F. Peauger
    CEA/DSM/IRFU, France
  A new klystron based x-band rf power source working at 11.994GHz has been installed and commissioned at CERN in collaboration with CEA Saclay and SLAC for CLIC accelerating structure tests. The system comprises a solid state high voltage modulator, an XL5 klystron developed by SLAC, a cavity based SLED type pulse compressor, the necessary low level rf system including rf diagnostics and interlocks and the surrounding vacuum, cooling and controls infrastructure. The klystron can produce up to 50MW rf pulses of 1500ns pulse width and 50Hz repetition rate. After pulse compression, up to 100MW of rf power at 250ns pulse with are available in the structure test bunker. This paper describes in more detail this setup and the results of the commissioning which was necessary to arrive at the mentioned performance.