Author: Swinson, C.
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WEPPP051 Excitation of Plasma Wakefields with Designer Bunch Trains 2828
  • P. Muggli
    MPI, Muenchen, Germany
  • B.A. Allen, Y. Fang
    USC, Los Angeles, California, USA
  • M. Babzien, M.G. Fedurin, K. Kusche, R. Malone, C. Swinson, V. Yakimenko
    BNL, Upton, Long Island, New York, USA
  Funding: Work supported by US Department of Energy.
Plasma can sustain multi-GV/m longitudinal electric fields that can be used for particle acceleration. In the plasma wakefield accelerator, or PWFA, the wakefields are driven by a single or a train of electron bunches with length comparable to the plasma wavelength. A train of bunches resonantly driving the wakefields can lead to energy gain by trailing particles many times the energy of the incoming drive train particles (large transformer ratio). In proof-of-principle experiments at the Brookhaven National Laboratory Accelerator Test Facility, we demonstrate by varying the plasma density over four orders of magnitude, and therefore the accelerator frequency over two orders of magnitude (~100GHz to a few THz), that trains with ~ps period resonantly drive wakefields in ~1016/cc density plasmas. We also demonstrate energy gain by a trailing witness electron bunch that follows the drive train with a variable delay. Detailed experimental results will be presented.