Author: Stark, S.
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TUPPD026 Study of the RFQ Beam Cooler for SPES project 1467
  • M.M. Maggiore, A.M. Porcellato, S. Stark
    INFN/LNL, Legnaro (PD), Italy
  The SPES project is the new Radioactive Ion Beam facility under construction at Laboratori Nazionali of Legnaro, Italy. In this framework in order to improve the beam quality in terms of emittance and energy spread, a study of a new RFQ beam cooler device is accomplishing. The electromagnetic design of the RFQ section and the electrostatic layout of the injection and extraction regions have been done. The study about the beam dynamic is going on by means of dedicated codes which allow to take into account the interaction of the ions with the buffer gas needed to cool the beams. The status of the project and the results will be shown in this report.