Author: Severson, M.C.
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MOPPP045 Status of the Wisconsin SRF Gun 661
  • R.A. Legg, J. Bisognano, M.J. Bissen, R.A. Bosch, D. Eisert, M.V. Fisher, M.A. Green, K. Jacobs, R.G. Keil, K.J. Kleman, J.G. Kulpin, G.C. Rogers, M.C. Severson
    UW-Madison/SRC, Madison, Wisconsin, USA
  • D. Yavuz
    UW-Madison/PD, Madison, Wisconsin, USA
  Funding: The University of Wisconsin SRF electron gun program is supported by DOE Award DE-SC0005264.
SRF electron guns hold out the promise of very bright beams for use in electron injectors, particularly for light source applications such as Free Electron Lasers. The University of Wisconsin is midway in a multi-year program to demonstrate a low frequency electron gun based on a quarter wave resonator cavity. The design includes active tuning and a high temperature superconducting solenoid for emittance compensation. We will report on the status of the 4 MeV SRF electron gun, including the cryomodule, the RF power coupler, the main RF power amplifier/low level RF control system, the photocathode laser system, and the diagnostic beamline. Installation is moving forward in a recently renovated experimental vault adjacent to the existing Aladdin synchrotron. First electron beam is expected in the summer 2012.