Author: Sedlak, K.
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TUPPC035 Design of a Surface Muon Beam Line for High Field muSR at the PSI Proton Accelerator Facility 1236
  • D. Reggiani, K. Deiters, P. Kaufmann, Y. Lee, T. Prokscha, T. Rauber, R. Scheuermann, K. Sedlak, V. Vranković
    Paul Scherrer Institut, Villigen, Switzerland
  Starting from 2012, a high field muSR (muon spin rotation/relaxation/resonance) facility will come into operation in the piE3 secondary beam line located at the target station E of the PSI proton accelerator. For this purpose, the last part of the beam line has been redesigned in order to integrate two electrostatic spin rotator devices providing a 90° rotation of the muon spin. At the same time, requirements of small beam diameter (σ ≈ 10 mm) as well as small momentum bite (δp/p ≈ 1%) in the sample region have to be met. This work focuses on the simulation of the beam optics (28 MeV/c design momentum). Particular concern is given to potential transmission losses caused by the spin rotator devices. The matching of the beam line with the high magnetic field up to 9.5 T surrounding the sample region has been considered as well. An overview of the spin rotator devices, specifically designed for this project, is also presented.