Author: Schurig, R.
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THPPC053 First Experience at ELBE with the New 1.3 GHz CWRF Power System Equipped with 10 kW GHz Solid State Amplifiers (SSPA) 3407
  • H. Büttig, A. Arnold, A. Büchner, M. Justus, M. Kuntzsch, U. Lehnert, P. Michel, R. Schurig, G.S. Staats, J. Teichert
    HZDR, Dresden, Germany
  The superconducting CW- LINAC (1.3 GHz) of the radiation source ELBE is in permanent operation since May 2001/1/. During the winter shut-down 2011 - 1212 an upgrade program of ELBE was realized. One part of the program was to double the RF-power per cavity using two 10 kW Solid State Amplifiers in parallel per cavity. The poster gives an overview on the new RF-system and the experience gained within the first three months of operation.