Author: Sarhadi, Kh.S.
Paper Title Page
TUEPPB008 Status Report on the Iranian Light Source Facility Project 1131
  • J. Rahighi, H. Ajam, R. Aslani, S. Fatehi, H. Ghasem, M.R. Khabazi, R. Safian, E. Salimi, A. Shahveh
    IPM, Tehran, Iran
  • E. Ahmadi, M. Jafarzadeh, H.B. Jalali, M. Moradi, S. Pirani, M. Rahimi, A. Sadeghipanah, F. Saeidi, Kh.S. Sarhadi, A. Shahverdi
    ILSF, Tehran, Iran
  • D. Einfeld
    CELLS-ALBA Synchrotron, Cerdanyola del Vallès, Spain
  The Iranian Light Source Facility Project (ILSF) is a 3rd generation light source with an energy of 3 GeV,a full energy injector and a 100 MeV linac as preinjector. For storage ring, booster synchrotron and linac including the transfer lines, a draft design has been completed and will be presented. The storage ring has an emittance of 3.3 nm-rad, a circumference of 297.6 meters with an overall of 32 straight sections of different lengths. The booster synchrotron has a circumference of 197 meters and emittance of 35nm-rad. For the booster synchrotron a new lattice is proposed. The linac is a conventional 150 MeV accelerator. The different accelerator components, magnets, girders, power supplies, vacuum systems etc. are in the design phase. State of the art design for different components is employed through international collaboration.