Author: Rodriguez, R.
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TUPPD078 A Novel Design of a High Brightness Superconducting RF Photoinjector Gun Cavity 1581
  • F. Marhauser, R. Rodriguez
    MuPlus, Inc., Newport News, USA
  • Z. Li
    SLAC, Menlo Park, California, USA
  Funding: Work supported under U.S. DOE Grant Application Number 98802B12-I
Next generation electron accelerators for research, medical, defense or industrial use are in need of electron sources operating at high repetition rates of 1 MHz and beyond, with normalized emittance of 1 mm-mrad or less and bunch charges as much as one nC or more. A conceptual layout of a novel superconducting RF photoinjector gun cavity (SRF gun) is proposed, which can provide unprecedented flexibility to vary beam pulse patterns in the MHz regime and beyond at average currents around 1 mA. It does not require an opening in the center of the back wall and avoids the complex cathode exchange system, but still allows an exchange or refurbishment of the cathode. The demountable back plate has the major benefit to clean the cavity cells independently from the back wall carrying a superconductive photocathode. This mitigates risks of cavity contamination and eases fabrication and chemical post-processing to achieve high accelerating fields, a key parameter to guarantee high brightness beams.