Author: Richter, A.
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WEPPC003 Component Qualification and Final Assembly of the S-DALINAC Injector Upgrade Module 2206
  • J. Conrad, R. Eichhorn, T. Kürzeder, A. Richter, S.T. Sievers
    TU Darmstadt, Darmstadt, Germany
  Funding: This work is supported by the DFG through SFB 634.
The injector of the S-DALINAC delivers currently electron beams of up to 10 MeV with a current of up to 60 μA. With the new cryostat-module an increase of both parameters, energies ranging to 14 MeV and currents up to 150 μA, are expected. For acceleration, the module houses two 20 cell elliptical niobium cavities which are used at a frequency of 3 GHz in liquid helium at 2 K. The RF power is delivered to the cavities through the different temperature stages by a WR-284 transition line which is connected to the resonator by a new waveguide-to-coax power coupler (being one of the major changes compared to the design of the existing module). We review on the design of the module and present the results of the first cool-down. Also, a report on additional new design features, e.g. piezo actuators for tuning at 2 K, and the production of the cavities will be given.