Author: Pischalnikov, Y.M.
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WEPPC052 High Gradient Tests of the Fermilab SSR1 Cavity 2330
  • T.N. Khabiboulline, C.M. Ginsburg, I.V. Gonin, R.L. Madrak, O.S. Melnychuk, J.P. Ozelis, Y.M. Pischalnikov, L. Ristori, A.M. Rowe, D.A. Sergatskov, A.I. Sukhanov, I. Terechkine, R.L. Wagner, R.C. Webber, V.P. Yakovlev
    Fermilab, Batavia, USA
  In Fermilab we are build and tested several superconducting Single Spoke Resonators (SSR1, β=0.22) which can be used for acceleration of low beta ions. Fist two cavities performed very well during cold test in Vertical Test Station at FNAL. One dressed cavity was also tested successfully in Horizontal Test Station. Currently we are building 8 cavity cryomodule for PIXIE project. Additional 10 cavities were manufactured in the industry and ongoing cold test results will be presented in this poster.  
THPPR012 Lorentz Force Compensation for Long Pulses in SRF Cavities 3990
  • Y.M. Pischalnikov, G.I. Cancelo, B. Chase, D.J. Crawford, D.R. Edstrom, Jr, E.R. Harms, R.A. Kostin, W. Schappert, N. Solyak
    Fermilab, Batavia, USA
  Lorentz force compensation of 8ms pulses in Tesla style elliptical cavities has been studied in Fermilab SRF Test Facility. Detuning measurements and compensation results are presented.