Author: Patapenka, A.A.
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TUPPR054 Internal H0/H Dump for the Proton Synchrotron Booster Injection at CERN 1942
  • M. Delonca, C. Maglioni, A.A. Patapenka, A. Sarrió Martínez
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  In the frame of the LHC Injectors Upgrade Project at CERN (LIU), the new 160MeV H Linac4 will inject into the four existing PS Booster rings after the conversion of H into H+ in a stripping foil. Given a limited stripping efficiency and possible foil failures, a certain percentage of the beam is foreseen to remain partially (H0) or completely (H) unstripped. An internal dump installed into the chicane magnet to stop these unstripped beams is therefore required. This paper presents the conceptual design of the internal dump, reviewing loading assumptions, design constraints, limitations and integration studies. Power evacuation through the thermal contact between the core and the external active cooling is addressed and, finally, results from the numerical thermo-mechanical analyses are reported.