Author: Pardine, C.
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THPPC052 Commissioning and One Year Operation of the 50 kW Solid State Amplifiers of the LNLS Storage Ring RF System 3404
  • R.H.A. Farias, J.F.F. Ferrari, C. Pardine, F. Santiago de Oliveira
    LNLS, Campinas, Brazil
  In December 2010 a pair of high power solid state amplifiers was installed in the RF system of the LNLS electron storage ring. The new amplifiers replaced the UHF klystron system that had been in operation since the machine started operating in 1996. LNLS has been working on solid state amplifiers for more than 10 years since it started a close collaboration with LURE back in 1999 to build an amplifier to drive the booster RF system. From this ongoing collaboration with SOLEIL resulted the design and construction of these two new high power amplifiers, capable of delivering up to 50 kW each at the operating frequency of 476 MHz. Before installation the amplifiers were commissioned in the RF laboratory. We present an overview of the results of those tests as well as a performance evaluation after one year operation of the amplifiers in the storage ring.