Author: Noelle, D.     [Nölle, D.]
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THPPR033 Tests and Measurements with the Embedded Radiation-monitor-system Prototype for Dosimetry at the European XFEL 4041
  • F. Schmidt-Föhre, D. Nölle, R. Susen, K. Wittenburg
    DESY, Hamburg, Germany
  A new Embedded Radiation-Monitor-System is currently under development for use in the upcoming European XFEL, that is being built at a length of approx. 3.4 km between the campus of the Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY at Hamburg and Schenefeld at Schleswig-Holstein. Most of the electronic systems cabinets for machine control, diagnostics and safety of the XFEL will be located inside the accelerator tunnel. To prevent significant radiation damage at electronic systems in certain sections of the XFEL, all electronic cabinets inside the tunnel will be sufficiently shielded according to pre-estimated radiation levels. In addition, accumulated dose inside these electronic cabinets and in undulator regions will be monitored for the impact of Gamma- and Neutron-radiation by a new radiation monitor system. Life cycle estimations for these electronics and the undulators will provide safety limits for correct function and in time part exchange due to radiation, before significant radiation damage occurs. A prototype of the Gamma radiation-monitor system section has been successfully designed and tested at the DESY Linac II. Prototype tests and according measurements will be presented.