Author: Niewiadomski, H.
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MOPPC008 LHC Optics Determination with Proton Tracks Measured in the Roman Pots Detectors of the TOTEM Experiment 136
  • H. Niewiadomski, H. Burkhardt
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  • F.J. Nemes
    KFKI, Budapest, Hungary
  The TOTEM experiment at the LHC is equipped with near beam movable devices – called Roman Pots (RP) – which detect protons scattered at the interaction point (IP) arrived to the detectors through the magnet lattice of the LHC. Proton kinematics at IP is reconstructed from positions and angles measured by the RP detectors, on the basis of the optical functions between IP and the RP locations. The precision of optics determination is therefore of the key importance for the experiment. TOTEM developed a novel method of machine optics determination making use of angle-position distributions of elastically scattered protons observed in the RP detectors. The method has been successfully applied to the data samples registered in 2010 and 2011. The studies have shown that the transport matrix could be estimated with a precision better than 1%.