Author: Milton, B.F.
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THPPC001 Simulation and Design of a 70 MeV Cyclotron RF System 3269
  • G. Gold, R.R. Johnson, B.F. Milton, V. Sabaiduc
    BCSI, Vancouver, BC, Canada
  The electromagnetic and mechanical design of the resonant cavity for a 70 MeV compact commercial cyclotron has been conducted by Best Cyclotron Systems Inc. Various resonator configurations have been studied for a radial, single-stem design and an optimal solution was selected with excellent electromagnetic properties and minimized construction and operational cost. Rapid model iterations during the design, using CST Microwave Studio and ANSYS, allowed for accurate tuning of geometry to precisely define the shape of the accelerating voltage profile, surface current distribution, and total power loss. The RF system of the BEST 70p cyclotron will operate at the fourth harmonic with two λ/2 separated resonant cavities shielded at the center allowing for beam modulation techniques to be applied through phase modulation of the accelerating voltage.