Author: Mills, F.E.
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MOPPC043 Injection/Extraction of Achromat-based 6D Ionization Cooling Rings for Muons 229
  • X.P. Ding, D.B. Cline
    UCLA, Los Angeles, California, USA
  • J.S. Berg, H.G. Kirk
    BNL, Upton, Long Island, New York, USA
  • A.A. Garren, F.E. Mills
    Particle Beam Lasers, Inc., Northridge, California, USA
  Funding: This work was supported in part by the US Department of Energy in part under award numbers DE-FG02-92ER40695 (UCLA), DE-AC02-98CH10886 (BNL) and DE-FG02-07ER84855 (Particle Beam Lasers, Inc.).
An achromat-based cooing ring using dipoles and solenoids is introduced and it can cool muons by large factors in six dimensions to achieve the necessary luminosity for a muon collider. The ring is designed with sufficient space in each superperiod for injection and extraction magnets. We estimate the parameters for the injection system into the solenoid-dipole ring cooler. We also present some simulations for injection/extraction system and discuss the injection/extraction requirements*.
* Al Garren, J.S. Berg, D. Cline, X. Ding, H.G. Kirk, “Robust 6D μ± cooling using a solenoid-dipole ring cooler for a muon collider”, NIM A 654 (2011) 40-44.