Author: Markovik, A.     [Markoviḱ, A.]
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MOPPC063 Computation of the 2D Transverse Wake Function of an Electron Cloud for Different Parameters 280
  • A. Markoviḱ, G. Pöplau, U. van Rienen
    Rostock University, Faculty of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, Rostock, Germany
  Funding: Work supported by DFG under contract number RI 814/20-2.
A PIC simulation of the interaction of a positive charged bunch with an e-cloud yields the wake kick from the electrons on the tail particles of the bunch. The wake is induced from a certain offset in the transverse position of the head parts of the bunch which perturb the electron distribution. Such a pre-computed wake functions of each offset part of the bunch are forming a matrix which could be used for investigating single bunch stability under several assumptions. In this paper we investigate the linear scalability of the kick with the offset value. Furthermore we investigate the wake values for different realistic electron densities. Another important parameter for realizing the single bunch stability simulation is the optimal number of bunch slices in longitudinal direction. Here we study the thickness of the slices in conjunction with the mobility of the electrons around the beam axis.