Author: Liu, C.-Y.
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THPPD061 Optimal Design for Resonant Power Transformer 3650
  • C.-Y. Liu, D.-G. Huang, J.C. Huang
    NSRRC, Hsinchu, Taiwan
  The energy and dc to dc conversion of the resonant transformer are required to achieve optimal design and working condition of the resonant region frequency. To meet this requirement, the core loss will be checked first by data book for calculation. Using a reliable precise instrument is needed to scan the resonant cure of the resonant transformer as we designed the resonant cure. We calculated the conduction loss in second design step. We design a resonant transformer which the conduction loss equal core loss does not meet optima design, because the core loss is very high when the transformer works in resonant frequency. Thus, we only reduce the conduction loss is optima design aspect.