Author: Lin, H.C.
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WEPPP087 The Improvement and Test of Laser Positioning System for TPS Magnets Alignment Inspection 2915
  • M.L. Chen, J.-R. Chen, H.C. Ho, K.H. Hsu, W.Y. Lai, C.-S. Lin, C.J. Lin, H.C. Lin, H.M. Luo, S.Y. Perng, P.L. Sung, Y.L. Tsai, T.C. Tseng, H.S. Wang, M.H. Wu
    NSRRC, Hsinchu, Taiwan
  A Laser positioning system, consist of a laser, laser position sensing devices (PSD) module and two granite blocks, is developed for the alignment inspection of TPS (Taiwan Photon Source) quadrupole and sextupole magnets during installation on a girder. The PSD module is adapted on the pole center of magnet and is designed to stand for mechanical center of magnets. For high accuracy, eliminating the influence of magnets manufacturing errors between PSD module is a major work. The PSD is mounted on a precise diameter expansible jig to absorb the manufacturing errors. The real roundness of the expansible jig can keep under 3um when diameter is expanded 80um. The PSD position is adjusted and corrected in advance, and then the PSD module center can be identical to the ideal pole position of magnets on the girder within 15um. The magnet will be aligned and adjusted by laser position on PSD. This paper describes how to eliminate the measuring error caused by magnet manufacturing error and the detail of alignment inspection procedure of magnets during the installation on a girder.