Author: Limborg-Deprey, C.
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WEEPPB007 Initial Testing of the Mark-0 X-band RF Gun at SLAC 2179
  • A.E. Vlieks, C. Adolphsen, V.A. Dolgashev, J.R. Lewandowski, C. Limborg-Deprey, S.P. Weathersby
    SLAC, Menlo Park, California, USA
  A new X band RF Gun (Mark-0) has been assembled, tuned and is being tested in the ASTA facility at SLAC. This gun has been improved from an earlier gun used in Compton-scattering experiments at SLAC by the introduction of a racetrack dual-input coupler to reduce quadrupole fields. Waveguide-to-coupler irises were also redesigned to reduce surface magnetic fields and therefore peak pulse surface heating. Tests of this photocathode gun will allow us to gain early operational experience for beam tests of a new gun with further improvements (Mark-1) being prepared for SLAC’s X-Band Test Accelerator (XTA) program and the LLNL MegaRay program. Results of current testing up to ≈ 200 MV/m peak surface Electric fields will be presented.