Author: Li, J.A.
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THPPR009 Optimization of the Electron Beam Extraction Efficiency in a Booster for TLS 3981
  • H.C. Chen, H.-P. Chang, H.H. Chen, S. Fann, S.J. Huang, J.A. Li, C.C. Liang, Y.K. Lin, Y.-C. Liu
    NSRRC, Hsinchu, Taiwan
  The Response Surface Methodology (RSM), is used to study the optimization process of the electron beam extraction efficiency for Taiwan Light Source (TLS) in NSRRC. A study model was constructed based on the Artificial Neural Network (ANN) theory by using selected beam extraction tuning knobs as the variables. An optimization procedure is developed by taking extraction efficiency as the objective function and the selected beam tuning knobs as the variables. Furthermore, this theoretical model and optimization procedure have been put into practice in verifying how effectively the model can accomplish. By properly applying the constructed optimization procedure for electron beam extraction study, the efficiency has been improved effectively. The details of the study will be reported in this paper.