Author: Lee, S.-Y.
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MOPPC077 Simulation and Analysis of the Beam Signal in Taiwan Photon Source Booster 313
  • C.C. Chiang, H.-P. Chang, P.J. Chou
    NSRRC, Hsinchu, Taiwan
  • S.-Y. Lee
    IUCEEM, Bloomington, Indiana, USA
  The TPS (Taiwan Photon Source) booster is a combined function FODO lattice with six super-periods; the total circumference is 496.8 m. To prepare the analysis tools for beam commissioning, we simulate the TPS booster turn-by-turn BPM data with two programs, MAD-X PTC and Tracy-2.6, which are for both DC (constant beam energy) and AC (beam energy in regular ramping) modes. We analyze the simulation data with MIA (Model Independent Analysis) and ICA (Independent Component Analysis), in order to reconstruct beam parameters like beta function, phase advance, dispersion, etc. We include multipole errors, alignment errors, BPM noises or other noises in simulation, and try to design a good strategy for real data analysis.  
THPPC036 The Alpha Ferrite-loaded Coaxial Resonator Cavity 3365
  • A.N. Pham, S.-Y. Lee, T.H. Luo
    IUCEEM, Bloomington, Indiana, USA
  Funding: Grant N00164-08-GM03 P00004 from the NSWC Crane Division, DOE Grant DE-FG02-92ER40747, and NSF Grant PHY-0852368 (IU: 48-432-31).
The Advanced Electron Photon Facility (ALPHA)*,** is a joint collaboration between the Indiana University Center for Exploration of Energy and Matter and the Crane Naval Surface Warfare Center. The ALPHA storage ring will serve as a debuncher in single pass mode of operation. With a set of two gradient damping wigglers, the storage ring can also accumulate to achieve high charge density beams. In this report, we present the design, fabrication, and testing of the 15 MHz ferrite-loaded quarter-wave rf coaxial resonator cavity that will be utilized in the ALPHA storage ring. Topics pertaining to beam lifetime, radiation damping, ferrite-loaded transmission lines, and key cavity parameters will be discussed.
* S.Y. Lee, P.E. Sokol, et al, "The ALPHA Project at IU CEEM," Proceedings of the IPAC2010.
** S.Y. Lee, et al, "A low energy electron storage ring with tunable compaction factor," RSI 78, 2007.