Author: Lebasque, P.
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TUPPP004 Low-alpha Operation for the SOLEIL Storage Ring 1608
  • M.-A. Tordeux, J. Barros, A. Bence, P. Brunelle, N. Hubert, M. Labat, P. Lebasque, A. Nadji, L.S. Nadolski, J.-P. Pollina
    SOLEIL, Gif-sur-Yvette, France
  • C. Evain
    PhLAM/CERCLA, Villeneuve d'Ascq Cedex, France
  The low momentum compaction factor (alpha) operation has been recently established on the SOLEIL Storage Ring. Both time resolved X-ray and THz radiation user communities are taking benefit from a hybrid filling pattern with a 4.7 ps RMS bunch length. At a value of 1.7 10-5 (nominal alpha /25) and a current per bunch of 65 μA, stable THz radiation is produced in the range of 8 - 20 cm-1 (measurements and comparison with Coherent Synchrotron Radiation (CSR) modeling are reported elsewhere*, **). Several low-alpha optics have been investigated and the optics presented at IPAC’11 has been selected for the operation. This paper presents the comprehensive experimental characterization of this optics. Specificities of the low-alpha operation, driven by the very demanding user experiments, are reviewed: closed orbit stability issues, extremely tight injected current step when refilling which implies a specific Linac tuning, low current diagnostics optimization, short bunch measurements, insertion devices effect on the CSR characteristics and radiation safety aspects justified by beam losses at injection.
* C. Evain, A. Loulergue et al., this conference.
** E. Roussel et al., this conference.
THPPD069 Adjustable Pulse Duration Fast Kicker for the CRYRING Storage Ring 3671
  • J.-P. Lavieville, P. Lebasque
    SOLEIL, Gif-sur-Yvette, France
  • W. Beeckman, O. Cosson
    Sigmaphi, Vannes, France
  The CRYRING storage ring of the Manne Siegbahn Laboratory (MSL, Stockholm) shall be moved to become part of FLAIR accelerators complex in Darmstadt to be used for deceleration of antiprotons and charged ions. That needs an upgrade to adapt it to the full energy range (30MeV – 0.13 MeV) of its future exploitation. SIGMAPHI, in close collaboration with SOLEIL light Source, is in charge of new fast injection and extraction magnets kickers and their pulsed power supplies. The injection will be done at maximum energy (30 MeV) while the extraction need to cover the full energy range (30 MeV – 0.13 MeV) that requires a continuous adjustment capability on the pulse duration and on the deviation amplitude. The development made specifically for the CRYRING kickers is based on a new design involving two different pulsed power supplies, each one managing either the fast rise time or the current flat top. Using solid state switches allows adapting simultaneously the pulse duration and its amplitude. This contribution presents the specific scheme and the development of a kicker system working up to 20 kV with pulse duration from 1.62 μs to 16.3 μs with transient times less than 300 ns.