Author: Lacroix, A.
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WEPPD017 Development of a New RF Finger Concept for Vacuum Beam Line Interconnections 2531
  • C. Garion, A. Lacroix, H. Rambeau
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  RF contact fingers are primarily used as a transition element to absorb the thermal expansion of vacuum chambers during bake-out and also to compensate for mechanical tolerances. They have to carry the beam image current to avoid the generation of Higher Order Modes and to reduce beam impedances. They are usually made out of copper beryllium thin sheets and are therefore very fragile and critical components. In this paper, a robust design based on a deformable finger concept is proposed. It allows the compensation of large longitudinal movements and also defaults such as transverse offset, twist or bending. The concept of this new RF fingers is first explained, then the design of the component is presented. The mechanical study based on a highly non linear Finite Element model is shown as well as preliminary tests, including fatigue assessment, carried out on prototypes.