Author: Lackey, J.R.
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THPPP024 Alignment and Aperture Scan at the Fermilab Booster 3785
  • K. Seiya, J.R. Lackey, W.L. Marsh, W. Pellico, D.A. Still, A.K. Triplett, A.M. Waller
    Fermilab, Batavia, USA
  The Fermilab booster has an intensity upgrade plan called the Proton Improvement plan (PIP). The flux throughput goal is 2·1017 protons/hour, which is almost double the current operation at 1.1017 protons/hour. The beam loss in the machine is going to be the source of issues. The booster accelerates beam from 400 MeV to 8 GeV and extracts to the Main Injector. Several percent of the beam is lost within 3 msec after the injection. The aperture at injection energy was measured and compared with the survey data. The magnets are going to be realigned in March 2012 in order to increase the aperture. The beam studies, analysis of the scan and alignment data, and the result of the magnet moves will be discussed in this paper.  
THPPP065 The FNAL Injector Upgrade Status 3886
  • C.-Y. Tan, D.S. Bollinger, K.L. Duel, P.R. Karns, J.R. Lackey, W. Pellico, V.E. Scarpine, R.E. Tomlin
    Fermilab, Batavia, USA
  Funding: Operated by Fermi Research Alliance, LLC under Contract No. DE-AC02-07CH11359 with the United States Department of Energy.
The new FNAL H injector upgrade is currently being tested before installation in the Spring 2012 shutdown of the accelerator complex. This line consists of an H source, low energy beam transport (LEBT) and 200 MHz RFQ. Beam measurements have been performed to validate the design before installation. The results of the beam measurements are presented in this paper.