Author: Kowalski, P.
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THPPD068 Precision sbRIO-based Magnet Power Supply Annunciator and Control Interface for Accelerator Control Systems 3668
  • S. Cohen, P. Kowalski
    Bira, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
  Beam physicists require more data and performance information that is commonly provided by the modern switch-mode power supplies installed at these facilities. We describe single-board RIO (sbRIO)-based* power-supply controller that provides the functionality required for integrating these supplies into control and safety systems at these facilities. The unit allows local control and presents a visual representation of the operational status of each power supply, independent digitized read back of power-supply output current, EPICS control via a Channel Access (CA) server, status information and electrical connections to independent and redundant accelerator safety systems.
* National Instruments, Austin, TX, .