Author: Kim, K.H.
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THPPR017 The First Development of an EPICS Control System for the IAC Accelerators 4002
  • A. Andrews, C.F. Eckman, A.W. Hunt, Y. Kim, D.P. Wells
    IAC, Pocatello, IDAHO, USA
  • K.H. Kim
    SLAC, Menlo Park, California, USA
  At the Idaho Accelerator Center (IAC) of Idaho State University, we have been operating 15 low energy accelerators for nuclear physics applications and medical isotope production. But those accelerator do not have good computer based system to control the various accelerator components remotely. To obtain stable accelerator operations with a good reproducibility, we adapted the EPICS accelerator control system. After developing one full set of the EPICS accelerator control system for various components, we will apply the same EPICS control system for all other operating accelerators at the IAC. Since January 2011, we have been developing an EPICS control system for a 16 MeV S-band linac by collaborating with SLAC control group. In this paper, we describe our first EPICS accelerator control system to control magnet power supplies of the S-band linac at the IAC.