Author: Khabbazi, M.R.
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THPPD007 ILSF Storage Ring Magnets 3506
  • S. Fatehi, R. Aslani, M.R. Khabbazi
    IPM, Tehran, Iran
  Iranian Light Source Facility (ILSF) is a 3 GeV storage ring consisting 32 combined bending magnets in 2 types, 104 quadrupoles in 9 families and 128 sextupoles in 9 families. It was decided to use curved C-type, parallel ends, combined bending magnets that have the same lengths, a central fields of 1.42 T and total gap of 32 mm but quadrupole components of g1=-3.837 and g2=-5.839 T/m. Using two dimensional code POISSON and FEMM and applying appropriate shims, pole profile was optimized to maintain the field homogeneity over the full horizontal aperture of ±10, such that, field tolerance is of the order of 10-4. Also a pole and yoke geometry was developed for the quadrupole, with a field gradient of 23 T/m, bore radius of 30.5 mm and magnetic length of 0.53m which is the maximum possible values in the lattice. Obtained field tolerance is of the order of 10-4 in the good field region 18 mm. Sextupoles are supposed to have a bore radius of 34 mm, max sextupole component of 700 T/m2 and are designed in order to achieve a field tolerance of 10-3 in the good field region of 12 mm. Also in order to investigate the end effects 3D calculations has been done by using Radia 3D code.