Author: Jousse, D.
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THPPC002 Design and Construction of Turnkey Linacs as Injectors for Light Sources 3272
  • A.S. Setty, D. Jousse
    THALES, Colombes, France
  Turnkey linacs were manufactured by Thales Communications & Security in order to inject electrons into boosters of SOLEIL*, ALBA and BESSY II synchrotrons. This paper will describe the beam dynamics tools and methods for the design and construction of those linacs. Cavities tuning and prebunching characterization methods will be given. Beam loading compensation and simulations will be explained. Specified and measured beam parameters will be compared.
* A. Setty et al, "Commissioning of the 100 MeV preinjector HELIOS for the SOLEIL synchrotron", EPAC 06, Scotland, Edinburgh, June 2006.