Author: Ikarios, E.
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WEPPP066 Performance Simulations of a Phase Stabilization System Prototype for CTF3 2858
  • A. Gerbershagen, T. Persson, D. Schulte, P. Skowroński
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  • P. Burrows, G.B. Christian
    Oxford University, Physics Department, Oxford, Oxon, United Kingdom
  • A. Gerbershagen, C. Perry
    JAI, Oxford, United Kingdom
  • E. Ikarios
    National Technical University of Athens, Athens, Greece
  The CLIC drive beam provides RF power for acceleration of the main beam, and hence the drive beam’s longitudinal phase tolerances are very tight. A feedforward chicane consisting of four electromagnetic kickers is proposed as a correction system for the phase errors, which should allow loosening of the tolerances. A prototype of such a chicane system, developed by CERN, INFN and the University of Oxford, is planned to be installed at CFT3 in 2012. The present paper summarizes the parameters of the planned phase correction system and presents simulations, which are used to make predictions of the performance of such a feedforward system at CTF3.