Author: Huang, S.
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THEPPB010 Simulation of Plasma Window for Gas Target of Neutron Source 3251
  • S. Huang, S. BenLiang, Y.R. Lu, K. Zhu
    PKU/IHIP, Beijing, People's Republic of China
  the demand of intense mono-energy fast neutron beams grow quickly as various applications of neutron are improved. Utilizing the reaction and based on small accelerators especially the modern radio-frequency quadrupole (RFQ) accelerators to get several mA of ion beam to energies in the low MeV range, or even just only connecting to a ion source with LEBT, the neutron source can be as compact as possible to get intense fast neutrons. Traditional gas target of high pressure is sealed by several thick metal foil from the vacuum environment, which will decrease and disperse the energy of the ion beams, and at the same time reduce the strength and cause the production of rays. In the other aspects, the foil window could be damaged with short service life result from the high heat flux of the ion beam injection. To prevent of these problems, a plasma window is designed to maintain a high pressure gap between the gas target (several bar) and the vacuum vessel, with no material window at all. In this article both the computational simulation and experiment results of the plasma window will be included.