Author: Heurich, N.
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WEPPP059 First Measurements with Multibunch Feedback Systems at the Fast Ramping Stretcher Ring ELSA 2840
  • M. Schedler, F. Frommberger, N. Heurich, W. Hillert, A. Roth, R. Zimmermann
    ELSA, Bonn, Germany
  Funding: Supported by German Research Foundation through SFB/TR 16.
At the Electron Stretcher Facility ELSA of Bonn University, an upgrade of the maximum stored beam current from 20 mA to 200 mA is planned. The storage ring operates applying a fast energy ramp of 4 GeV/s from 1.2 GeV to 3.5 GeV. The intended upgrade is mainly limited due to the excitation of multibunch instabilities. As a countermeasure, we succesfully commissioned state-of-the-art bunch by bunch feedback systems in the longitudinal and the two transverse dimensions. First results concerning the commissioning of the systems as well as the operation during the fast energy ramp will be presented. In particular, the performance while controlling the motion of every single bunch, especially in controlled bunch cleaning, will be discussed.