Author: Grandsaert, T.J.
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MOPPP086 Praseodymium Iron-Boron Undulator With Textured Dysprosium Poles for Compact X-Ray FEL Applications 756
  • R.B. Agustsson, Y.C. Chen, T.J. Grandsaert, A.Y. Murokh
    RadiaBeam, Santa Monica, USA
  • F.H. O'Shea
    UCLA, Los Angeles, California, USA
  • V. Solovyov
    BNL, Upton, Long Island, New York, USA
  Funding: DOE SBIR #97134S11-I
Radiabeam Technologies is developing a novel ultra-high field short period undulator using two unconventional materials: praseodymium permanent magnets (PrFeB) and textured dysprosium (Tx Dy) ferromagnetic field concentrators. Both materials exhibit extraordinary magnetic properties at cryogenic temperatures, such as very large energy product and record high induction saturation, respectively. The proposed device combines PrFeB and Tx Dy in 3-D hybrid undulator geometry with sub-cm period and up to 3 Tesla pole tip field. Practical realization of these features will significantly surpass state-of-the-art and offer an ideal solution for the next generation of compact X-ray light sources. Initial simulations along with preliminary cryogenic measurements will be presented.