Author: Golikov, K.
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MOPPC012 Reliability and Intervention Management for the LHC 148
  • K. Foraz, J.R. Cook, J. Coupard, B. Daudin, J. De Jonghe, F. B. Dos Santos Pedrosa, E.R. Fuentes, C. Garino, K. Golikov, S. Grillot, M.R. Jaekel, P. Sollander
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  Since 2010, CERN has entered a mode of continuous operation of the LHC and its injectors, which implies the continuous operation of all the infrastructure and support systems. High reliability of the machines is crucial to meet the physics goals. This high reliability must be accompanied by a fast restart after programmed stops. Since 2010, an important effort has been put in place, to ease the coordination process during the programmed stops and to reinforce the management of the interventions (preparation, approval, follow-up, traceability, closure). This paper describes the difficulties from the first year related to this coordination, and the impact on operation. The tools developed for the management of the interventions, their assets and the effect on the reliability of the LHC will also be presented and discussed.