Author: Geyer, S.
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WEPPD031 A Transverse Electron Target for Heavy Ion Storage Rings 2573
  • S. Geyer, O. Meusel
    IAP, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  • O.K. Kester
    GSI, Darmstadt, Germany
  Funding: supported by HIC for FAIR
A transverse electron target is a well suited concept for storage rings to investigate electron-ion interactions processes relevant for heavy ion accelerators. In comparison with an internal gas target, it promises a better energy resolution but still has the advantage, in contrast to an electron cooler, of access to the interaction region for photon and electron spectroscopy under large solid angles. The new electron target is suited for the use under the UHV requirements of a storage ring and realizes an open geometry for spectroscopy. A simple design based on electrostatic fields was chosen. The sheet beam application provides a higher perveance limit and a smaller potential depression than a cylindrical gun arrangement. The adjustable electron energy ranges between several 10eV and a few keV. The setup will be installed applying the so-called animated beam technique. The electron target is dedicated to the NESR at the new FAIR facility. First measurements are planned at a test bench and subsequent tests at the Frankfurt Low Energy Storage Ring (FLSR) are envisaged. An overview of the progress in the development of the transverse electron target will be given.