Author: Eschke, J.
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WEPPC006 CW and LP Operation Test of XFEL-Like Cryomodule 2215
  • J.K. Sekutowicz, V. Ayvazyan, M. Ebert, J. Eschke, A. Gössel, D. Kostin, I.M. Kudla, W. Merz, F. Mittag, R. Onken
    DESY, Hamburg, Germany
  • W. Cichalewski, W. Jałmużna, K.P. Przygoda
    TUL-DMCS, Łódź, Poland
  • K. Czuba, L. Zembala
    Warsaw University of Technology, Institute of Electronic Systems, Warsaw, Poland
  • J. Szewiński
    The Andrzej Soltan Institute for Nuclear Studies, Centre Świerk, Świerk/Otwock, Poland
  A continuous improvement in the performance of superconducting TESLA cavities will make possible, from the cryogenic point of view, operation of the XFEL linac in continuous wave (cw) mode at gradients up to 7.5 MV/m and in long pulse (lp) mode up to nominal gradient of 23.4 MV/m. Each of these new operation modes will offer an additional flexibility in time structure of the photon beam, and therefore will allow for more experiments and in some cases less demanding and less expensive equipment. In this contribution we discuss results of the first RF test of these new types of operation with a XFEL-like cryomodule.