Author: Erickson, R.A.
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WEPPP010 FACET: SLAC's New User Facility 2741
  • C.I. Clarke, F.-J. Decker, R.J. England, R.A. Erickson, C. Hast, M.J. Hogan, S.Z. Li, M.D. Litos, Y. Nosochkov, J.T. Seeman, J. Sheppard, U. Wienands, M. Woodley, G. Yocky
    SLAC, Menlo Park, California, USA
  Funding: Work supported by the U.S. Department of Energy under contract number DE-AC02-76SF00515.
FACET (Facility for Advanced Accelerator Experimental Tests) is a new User Facility at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. The first User Run started in spring 2012 with 20 GeV, 3 nC electron beams. The facility is designed to provide short (20 um) bunches and small (20 um wide) spot sizes, producing uniquely high power beams. FACET supports studies from many fields but in particular those of Plasma Wakefield Acceleration and Dielectric Wakefield Acceleration. The creation of drive and witness bunches and shaped bunch profiles is possible with "Notch" Collimation. FACET is also a source of THz radiation for material studies. Positrons will be available at FACET in future user runs. We present the User Facility and the available tools and opportunities for future experiments.
THPPR029 A New Control Room for SLAC Accelerators 4029
  • R.A. Erickson, E. Guerra, M. Stanek, Z. Van Hoover, J. Warren
    SLAC, Menlo Park, California, USA
  Funding: This work was supported by the Department of Energy contract DE-AC02-76SF00515.
We propose to construct a new control room at SLAC to unify and improve the operation of the LCLS, SPEAR3, and FACET accelerator facilities, and to provide the space and flexibility needed to support the LCLS-II and proposed new test beam facilities. The existing control rooms for the linac and SPEAR3 have been upgraded in various ways over the last decade, but their basic features have remained unchanged. We propose to build a larger modern Accelerator Control Room (ACR) in the new Research Support Building (RSB), which is currently under construction at SLAC. Shifting the center of control for the accelerator facilities entails both technical and administrative challenges. In this paper, we describe the motivation and design concept for the ACR and the remaining challenges to completing this project.