Author: Elsen, E.
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WEPPC007 Image Processing for Characterization of Surfaces of Superconducting RF Cavities 2218
  • M. Wenskat, S. Aderhold, E. Elsen, S. Karstensen, F. Schlander, L. Steder
    DESY, Hamburg, Germany
  Funding: ILC HiGrade
Optical inspection of finished Nb superconducting RF cavities has worldwide been established as an important tool for identification of field limiting surface features. Single defects in a single cell of a 9-cell cavity may severely constrain the maximum gradient while the micro-structure in the vicinity of a welding seam could affect the quench behavior. DESY has automated the imaging of critical cavity surface areas, in particular those of high magnetic field. With resolution of ~10 μm2 the information volume is large and the systematic examination becomes a necessity. The development of image processing algorithms has been started with two goals: automatic characterization of cavity surface properties and defect detection. The former results aid the quality assessment of cavities after manufacture; the latter serves to push the gradient performance. The status and prospects of the image processing for the European XFEL and ILC will be presented.