Author: Dietderich, D.R.
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THPPR054 Progress in the Design of a Curved Superconducting Dipole for a Therapy Gantry 4097
  • S. Caspi, D. Arbelaez, L.N. Brouwer, D.R. Dietderich, R.R. Hafalia, D. Robin, A. Sessler, C. Sun, W. Wan
    LBNL, Berkeley, California, USA
  A curved superconducting magnet for a carbon therapy gantry requires a large bore and a field around 5T. The design reduces the gantry’s size and weight and makes it more comparable with gantries used for proton therapy. In this paper we report on a combined function superconducting dipole magnet that is half the size needed for carbon gantry and is about the size of a proton gantry. The half scale, with a 130 mm bore diameter that is curved 90 degrees at a radius of 634 mm, superimposes two layers of oppositely wound and skewed solenoids that are energized in a way that nulls the solenoid field and doubles the dipole field. Furthermore, the combined architecture of the windings can create a selection of field terms that are off the near-pure dipole field. In this paper we report on the design of a two layers curved coil and the production of the winding mandrel. Some details on the magnet assembly are included.