Author: Di Monte, N.P.
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WEPPP069 Performance Enhancements for the Transverse Feedback System at the Advanced Photon Source 2867
  • N.P. Di Monte, R.I. Farnsworth, A.J. Scaminaci
    ANL, Argonne, USA
  With the success of the transverse feedback system at the Advanced Photon Source (APS), an upgrade to this system is being developed. The current system is operating at a third of the storage ring bunch capacity, or 324 of the available 1296 bunches. This upgrade will allow the sampling of all 1296 bunches and make corrections for all selected bunches in a single storage ring turn. To facilitate this upgrade, a new analog I/O board capable of 352-MHz operation is being developed along with a P0 bunch cleaning circuit. The clock cleaning circuit is also needed for the high speed analog output circuit, which is transmitted about 200 m to a separate DAC unit in real time. This remote DAC will have its transceiver data rate triple from 2.3 Gb to about 7 Gb on a fiber optic link. This paper will discuss some of the challenges in reducing the clock jitter from the system P0 bunch clock along with the necessary FPGA hardware upgrades and algorithm changes, all of which are required for the success of this upgrade.